Saturday, 28 July 2007

Getting back to normality.

No Really!

After another late breakfast Peter and I did another water run. Firstly from the tap behind the pub, this is closer than the lock and several from the house opposite when the lady of the house returned from the shops.
After lunch we wandered into town for a few provisions and a look at what was happening around town.
The water levels are down quite d
ramatically in most places but the river itself is still flowing very fast.

The weather has been great today but as I write this at 4.30pm I can see more rain clouds massing on the horizon. Let’s hope the strong winds will blow them away before they dump their load on us.
There are still a few cameramen and 1 film crew still hovering around like vultures waiting for something to happen but I think they have missed the bus so to speak.

Beat That!

Pete the postie popped by on his way past with an interesting proposition for tomorrow so watch this space to see what excitement befalls us. I can tell you this much that a Kiwi is involved in what Pete has planned.

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