Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Memories of home!

5 Locks, 17 Miles, Now moored at Abingdon.
543 locks, 668½ miles, 18 Tunnels, 37 swing bridges and 10 lift bridges since Nov 2006

This morning was fine with blue skies and white clouds when we set off. As the morning rolled on so did the rain clouds with intermittent light showers. Around midday the skies really opened up and for about half an hour I had to endure a torrential downpour. When we arrived at Culham lock we moored up below the bridge for a change of clothing and a warm cuppa. The approach to the lock couldn’t have been calmer after the last time we passed through this way when it was a raging torrent.
After a short break it was on the move again and for the rest of the afternoon it was a case of a short shower, sunshine, short shower, sunshine, short shower, and sunshine until we reached Abingdon. There were no moorings available below the bridge so we carried on to the children’s playground where we found one mooring at the top end of the park.
We are moored opposite a narrowboat called Aotearoa with a mural of a long white cloud below the name. This boat must have some sort of NZ connection which we will try and investigate tomorrow.

Click on the photo to see it full size showing the name of the boat

The weather office has issued a severe weather warning for most of England and the wind has become extremely blustery around here so we will have to wait and see what transpires.
Finally had the opportunity to meet Bones of Mortimer Bones narrowboat tonight when she came for coffee. Great to meet such a lovely lady who proves that women can do anything. Great to meet you finally Bones and look forward to meeting up again sometime.

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