Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sea of camera’s.

Somebody got it badly wrong because from what I have heard the 2 foot surge should have been a 2 inches rise in water levels, a bloody big difference if you ask me. It makes a total farce of this morning’s evacuation operation.

Everywhere we turn around here we are getting cameras and microphones pointed at us with foreign camera crews as well as British. Dot has just been interviewed by the local radio station. There are also helicopters buzzing around overhead probably with camera crews aboard. It’s making it difficult trying to catch up on some shut eye

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Sue said...

Nice to see some proper reporting... a 2 foot surge turning into 2 inches is really naughty and very worrying for many folk including yourself, and of course all of us watching your plight.

Thankyou for your frank and honest opinions on the water levels, maybe we should listen to those on the ground not those in the air or on fantasy tv!

Take care you both, you are doing so well, hang on in there we are all with you

Sue xx