Wednesday, 25 July 2007

When will it end.

Well Ray the lock keeper got it right as far as the street staying dry at midnight but he has told us that there was 12mm of rain in the Cotswolds last night and more rain forecast for this afternoon. There is still a lot of water up in Gloucestershire and Warwickshire on fields and paddocks which has yet to drain away so we are not in the clear yet. This situation could last for another 4 – 5 days.
There is a small amount of flooding around the corner in South St and another side street and the water level is now rising.
3PM and I have just returned from a look see around what they call Osney Island. Things are starting to look serious now.

There is no way we can get under this bridge for the foreseeable future.

The allotments are now completely devasted and water is pouring through onto Botley road.

The car and cyclist travelling through flooding coming up through storm water drains.

The brickwall at the end of South st is becoming a concern as there is 2 – 3 feet of water behind it and the council is trying to shore it up.

Car park? More like a submarine base.

Last time we were here the 5 arched bridge just had a trickle in the centre channel, now look at it.

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Les Biggs said...

Hi Dot/Derek
Glad you`re both ok. Just be careful and soon it will all be all a distant memory as summer proper must start soon. Last July us boaters were fighting for a shady mooring.
Be careful and hope to see you both along the track.