Sunday, 5 August 2007

Preparation day.

Still moored above Osney lock.

Today didn’t start off the best weather wise so I decided that if I did all the preparation work, masking and light sanding, today I would be well placed to get the painting finished in one go. As the day wore on the skies cleared and it got very warm. It got to the stage where the boat was getting too hot to work on so I had to stop. It was after 7pm before things had cooled down sufficiently for me to finish the prep work.

During the course of the day I was approached by various people who had boats trapped on the Thames and wanting to know what was happening with regard to dropping red boards. I also had 2 people speak to me who are followers of our blog. Nice of you guys to stop for a chat.

The river situation is definitely improving at a reasonable rate and by mid to late next week should be back to normal. I can see that once the starter drops his flag the race will be on to make up for lost time.

Our baby pigeon is now flying around with the adult birds when they go out foraging for food and we only see him now when they return to roost for the night.

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