Saturday, 15 December 2007

Cold cruising.

6 locks, and 2 miles. Now moored at Berkhamsted

The temperature was a bit milder this morning but the sky was grey and overcast. It was about 10am when we set off again. The other 2 boats that moored up with us overnight had already left earlier so we were travelling solo.

The towpath and lock surrounds were still frozen so caution was the name of the day again. We did meet another 2 boats on the move today but other than a boat moored lengthways across the canal it was a quiet cruise. We were not sure whether the boat had been let loose by vandals or broke its mooring when the previous 2 boats had passed by. We only pulled the boat in so we could get past and as it had obviously been poorly secured and was unlicensed to boot we didn't waste too much time with it.

Upon arrival at Berkhamsted we expected to find wall to wall boats and no moorings as we know how popular this place is but we were pleasantly surprised to find only 5 moored boats and plenty of space. We plan to stay here for the week-end before continuing again on Monday.

844 locks, 1145.75 miles, 33 Tunnels, 40 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 200

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Del and Al said...

Sounds like your both having a lovely time..

Have a great Christmas both of you and we will get together in the new year..