Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sutton Stop

0 Locks, 5.68 Miles. Now moored near Hawkesbury Junction.

Yesterday we met up with Derek and Carrie on Nb Uccello who we had met several times previously. We put on morning tea and Derek who is IT literate had a look at our computers to try and get them networked. After many hours he finally got the system partly operational and the Vista computer can view the files on the XP computer but not vice versa.  Never mind Dot will keep working on this as we still only have internet on the Vista.  We assume that this is a Vista security issue so Dot will keep working on it bit by bit.  In the meantime it is a great start.  Otherwise it looks as if we may have to purchase a router to complete the job. Thanks for all your efforts Derek, as well as thanks to the many other messages we received concerning this issue. In the meantime Carrie had been slaving over a hot stove back on Uccello and came back with a delicious date and walnut cake. Yummee!  It’s a great life on the cut.

As we had decided to stay put for the day due to high winds and more threats of rain Carrie invited us over for dinner with Curry on the menu. To square off the meal Derek (GR version, bit confusing with 2 Derek’s) whipped up an Apple Crumble for dessert. There wasn’t much left at the end of the evening I can tell you. A very enjoyable evening.

This morning was still windy but bright blue sky so we said our farewells to Derek and Carrie, we will meet them again in Rugby next month, and headed off towards the Coventry Canal and Hawkesbury Junction. The plan is to visit the Greyhound pub for a bit of a birthday bash. Cooks night off.

2027 locks, 3999.52 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006


nblazydays said...

Not sure if you saw the comment left by John on my post:-

he suggested a microsoft link

I suppose you must have tried this.


Derek and Dot said...

Thanks Alan
Yes tried that, the problem appears to be the combination of vista and xp. We are half way there, perseverance I think