Monday, 13 April 2015

Opotiki formally known as Pakowhai

Weka at our POP in Opotiki.Weka at our POP in Opotiki.

Driving through the beautiful scenic Waioeka Gorge we arrived at our POP in Opotiki with a warm welcome.  A weka or two wandered around our vans with Honey keeping an eye on these strangers, not much different in size to her.

Wandering into Opotiki the next morning before moving on we found a town that too us was really down and out.  From 1840 until the early 1860’s Pakowhai was a booming port.

Bicycle built for oneBicycle built for one

In 1865 The Rev Carl Volkner set up the Mission Station after which the ensuring Maori Wars caused him to take his wife to Auckland for safety, returning back with Rev Thomas Grace he was hanged claiming he was a British Spy.

Courthouse OpotikiCourthouse Opotiki

Carving in the centre of OpotikiCarving across from the Courthouse in Opotiki

St Stephens Church OpotikiHiona St Stephens Church Opotiki was renamed in 1995

War Memorial in Opotoki, newly painted ready for ANZAC Day.War Memorial in Opotoki, newly painted ready for ANZAC Day.

Next stop Awakeri.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

First to see the sun!

That’s Gisborne New Zealand of course, the next stop on our safari. We arrived at Waikanae Beach Motor Camp to find two fellow Heretaunga members and one from Wairarapa Caravan Club. We had all headed north after the National Rally to check out the area

IMG_9806Our first view of Gisborne from the lookout.

Gisborne ParkLooks even better in the dark as it is lit with lights.

Look at all those logs waiting for export!Look at all those logs waiting for export!

We spent a couple of nights catching up on laundry and other necessities. The last time we had been in Gisborne was for the Millennium Rally in 2000, its amazing how the town has changed since that visit.

Now who's that trying to hide?Now who's that trying to hide?

Young Nick siting NZ 7/10/1769A statue of Young Nick siting NZ 7 October 1769.

Look at all those logs waiting for export!Look at all those logs waiting for export!

Not qite what it seems, this is a mural!Not quite what it seems, this is a mural painted on the building.

Gisborne Railway MuralGisborne Railway Mural.

Derek had a long wander around the old Railway Station and track after checking any changes since the government mothballed the line after the last derailment saying it wasn't economic to repair.

Next stop Opotiki through the gorge.

Friday, 10 April 2015

A little bit of the Napier to Gisborne Railway!

At Nuhaka we diverted off the main road towards the Mahia Peninsular and headed for Opoutama where there used to be a camping ground. The camp has long gone but you are still allowed to freedom camp there.

IMG_8831Old goods wagons rusting away leaving their concrete contents exposed.

IMG_8832I suspect that these wagons have moved from where they were placed.

Along side the camping area is the Napier to Gisborne railway line which is now closed due to a slip. I decided to take a walk along the line back towards Waikokopu. It turned out to be a very interesting walk as this section of track runs along a cliff face which over the years the Railways have spent a lot of time and money in keeping this section open.

IMG_8834Erosion on these goods wagons tells it's own story.

IMG_8839Trying to keep the sea at bay.

Along this whole section the Railways have placed the best part of 100 old goods wagons, some stacked as high as 5 high and filled them with concrete in an effort to stop the sea washing the line away.  The photo’s tell the rest of the story.

IMG_8848Old railway goods wagons dumped to make a sea wall to protect the railway.

IMG_8851More goods wagons 2 deep and 2 high.

Opoutama Beach and Freedom camping!

WairoaFirst stop Wairoa Domain.

Here we emptied and refilled the tanks before having lunch. Geoff, Jenny and Derek had all wandered over to the local bakery while Robin replaced his tyre that had a puncture.

We then headed off to Opoutama Beach where we planned to spend the night.

We three at Opoutama Beach freedom campingOpoutama Beach and freedom camping.

Robin and Jenny knew the location from years back when it was a motor camp.  Unfortunately it had been sold to a Developer who intended to put in an exclusive subdivision before the collapse of the business for a number of reasons.

Miles and miles or is it km's and km's?Looking along the beach .

Mahia Peninsular from the now disused railway.The Mahia Peninsular with wonderful cliffs in the background.

Mushrooms or toadstools?These toadstools look good enough to eat.


Walking through this deserted subdivision were some lovely Maori carvings and totem poles, such a shame to see these just sitting in the derelict area.

Totem pole at Opoutama.Maori totem pole amongst the undergrowth.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Yes I love Motor homing now!


Watching the world go by.

Yes I'm asleep!

Now I need a sleep.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Yes we’re back!

After a long gap in writing due to several reasons we hope we are now back on track.  We won’t go into our absence or even try to go back in time for the blog.

For Easter we travelled north with several members of our Caravan Club to attend a National Rally at Putorino.  North of Napier and somewhere we hadn't been since we attended the millennium rally 15 years ago in Gisborne.

Lake TutiraLake Tutira

Leaving Hastings in the morning and after all filling up with fuel we headed north to Lake Tutira for lunch on the way.

Lunch at Lake TutiraLunch at Lake Tutira

National Rally. Spot us in the background?National Rally. Spot us in the background?

Heretaunga Flag at National RallyHeretaunga Flag trying to fly alongside the others

Flags at Putorino National RallyThe Club Banners

Five days of meeting up with old friends and enjoying relaxation time together.  Heretaunga Caravan Club had six couples attending this time, a number we haven't had at a National Rally for many a year.  With no internet and cell phone coverage it was a wake up to old times.

Three couples (us included) have decided to head north afterwards and have a look around  while we are up here. Next stop will be Wairoa to at least empty and refill the necessary tanks. Smile

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Our New Baby!

Well not exactly. Welcome to Belicious Honeysuckle Blossom(Honey for short) she was born on the 16th January 2014 at Otane, near Hastings, New Zealand.  She is a Sealpoint Birman and just beautiful.  Only 6 months old she was speyed last week and Derek will take her stitches out while I am away in Auckland next week (although we can only see one, we think she has taken the others out herself)

HoneyBelicious Honeysuckle Blossom (Honey for short)

We had set our hearts on another beauty and although she had been promised to us, the breeders decided to keep her themselves for showing.  This all happened within 12 hours of us picking her up.

But never mind Honey although second choice originally, we think it was meant to be as her colouring is better and she has a lovely nature.

IMG_9294Aren’t I beautiful?

We intend to take her away in the motorhome so we have some training to do with a harness.  You should have seen her in our collapsible basket that we brought her home in.  Hardly a murmur and she kept her eye on Derek in the passengers seat most of the way. 

IMG_9293-001Now where did that ball go?