Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Yealands Winery for lunch

As we had a lovely fine day again today, and the laundry all up to date, John and Elizabeth suggested we have a picnic for lunch.  We headed south towards Seddon on the now closed SH 1, although it is still open as far as Clarence more than 50 km’s south. Arriving at the huge Yealands Winery, we registered at the reception and viewed an introductory video from Peter Yealand on the history of the world award winning winery.
IMG_1999Views south overlooking the ocean from the top of the winery.
IMG_2002Looking north towards the north island.
IMG_2004Looking down the steep cliff towards the beach.
IMG_2006Grapevines for miles beautiful straight lines.
IMG_2009Lunch in the grounds alongside the lake.
IMG_2011Driving down into Seddon with Awatere Valley views.
IMG_2015Ward Beach where the land rose 2 metres in the 18th November 2016 Earthquake

Lake Rotoiti–Nelson Lakes

Leaving Wakefield yesterday morning we travelled on a back country road towards  Lake Rotoiti for lunch, before carrying on to Blenheim for a couple of nights.

IMG_1973Lovely autumn colourings lining the route.

IMG_1974The camera doesn't do the leaves justice.

IMG_1978Tree felling above the road we were held up as some of the trees landed on the road. Dangerous if you were travelling underneath.

IMG_1980Beautiful Lake Rotoiti on a lovely calm day.

IMG_1984A black swan and several ducks enjoying the sunshine.

IMG_1988Underneath the jetty we were very surprised to see several eels in the water.

IMG_1987Hard to photograph but one ventured out into the sunshine.

IMG_1990A fisherman arriving back at the jetty as we left.

With such a wonderful view we sat and enjoyed our lunch, accompanied by the local policeman in his patrol car beside us having his. This is a lovely doc site with lovely clean toilets alongside the lake. There were several tourists in their small vans enjoying the view but there were signs prohibiting freedom camping in the area.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Higgins Heritage Park!

It was time to meet up with our travelling companions from Blenheim again and attend a Nelson and Tasman NZMCA rally. John and Derek are both keen steam enthusiasts and as the rally was at a  steam museum, how could we resist?  John and Elizabeth arrived at Spring Grove on Thursday night all ready to drive a few km’s to Wakefield on Friday morning.  We were made most welcome by Doreen and Phil who we had met out at Pohara a couple of weeks ago.

IMG_1972Higgins Heritage Park, Wakefield. A hidden gem off the beaten track.

IMG_1950They have two of these in working order.

IMG_1938Fifty seven vans attending the week-end with about half staying over an extra night on Sunday.

IMG_1905This plank cutter could cut up to 8 planks out of a trimmed log.

IMG_1913The vintage truck museum is one of six organisations within Higgins Heritage Park. All of the trucks had a history in and around Nelson.

IMG_1942It was the steam machinery’s open week-end so the boiler was fired up to run most of the machine’s.

IMG_1914This is a replica horse drawn ambulance capable of carrying 3 patients and a nurse.

IMG_1921The stretchers in the back of the ambulance.

IMG_1909Austin’s, Ford’s, Chevrolet’s and International’s were all in the line up in the truck museum. IMG_1945Another steam machine in great working condition.

IMG_1968The main boiler supplying the steam for all the machines.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Back to Motueka!

With the weekend over and fine weather forecast for the next couple of days we opted to head back to Mot to let the boss have a play with his fishing rod again.

IMG_1834Sea shuttle coming into at high tide to go on the dry dock for work.

IMG_1843Saltwater baths on the foreshore at Motueka, often under water at high tide.

IMG_1842Almost high tide, we didn't feel like a swim.

IMG_1846Pink colouring of the sunset reflected in the Motueka estuary.

IMG_1847Another shuttle heading in on high tide for the dry dock.

IMG_1849Dinner for Honey again! Where’s mine?

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Richmond Nelson

With rain in the forecast we spent the weekend at Richmond relaxing and catching up with the laundry.

IMG_1832Richmond Sundial in the square in Richmond.  Very accurate according to the shadow showing on the dial.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The locals call it Mot!

But we call it Motueka.  We had been told about a wonderful place to freedom camp close to the Motueka Estuary.  So we set out to find it, wow what a view.  Honey was lucky enough to have fresh fish for dinner as well, unfortunately there was not enough for us.  Good excuse to go back next week weather permitting.

IMG_1819Great little 8 wheeler amphibian craft.

IMG_1821In and out of the water.

IMG_1820Low tide at Motueka Estuary.

IMG_1823This is a really nifty trailer/amphibian. Tow it with a quad bike on land and then load the quad on deck, start the outboard and away you go across the inlet.

IMG_1824Have wheels will travel.

IMG_1830Heading to Richmond to catch up with family.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

On the road to Kaiteriteri!

We headed back over the Takaka Hill towards Motueka.  We decided to find a nice spot on the coast for lunch.

IMG_1815Great view from the front window.

IMG_1816The plaque reads “ In grateful memory of Captain Arthur Wakefield, the founder of Nelson who landed here in October 1841”. The two circles are milling stones made around circa 1845.

IMG_1817Tides out and it’s a long way off.

IMG_1818The high water mark is close to the log in the foreground. It’s got a long way to go.