Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another week closer.

Since leaving Auckland last week we have been very busy re establishing ourselves back in our home town. We are living with son Brent until our motorhome arrives and is certified for use in New Zealand. which should be about the second week in October.

Last weekend we paid a visit to Camp Elsdon where members of the Heretaunga Caravan Club,  were holding a monthly rally. We arrived partially unannounced to surprise some of the members who were unaware of our presence back in NZ.

Every visit to town produces surprises with meeting old work mates and friends and discovering what new retail businesses have started up or old ones that have gone or moved since we left 5 years ago. We have been making the most of the end of season sales looking for and purchasing items we will require in the motorhome. While touring England, Wales and Scotland we just made do with what gear we had bought away from Gypsy Rover but now we can set the motorhome home up properly the way we want it.

Pending arrival of the motorhome on the 21st September  there has been plenty of communication between ourselves and Paul at Castle European, our import agent, to ensure that all documentation is correct to ensure a speedy clearance from the wharf in Auckland. We have 3 days in which to clear customs etc before the Auckland Harbour Board start charging $400 per day storage.

As members of the New Zealand Motor Home Association we have been bringing ourselves up to date with the recent Freedom Camping legislation and acquiring all the necessary books and  maps to tour NZ from top to bottom. Roll on October!

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