Thursday, 1 September 2011

Shopping for essentials.

Thursday and our first full day back on home turf saw us first visiting the bank and then wandering the department stores for replacements for all the gear we had to leave behind in the UK. At Briscoes we purchased some new towels and pillows at a massive 60% discount in their end of Winter sale. Elsewhere we purchased new dressing gowns and I managed to find a new pair of slippers. Dot couldn’t find any slippers she liked so we will have to make another shopping foray in Hastings when we get there at the week-end. Tomorrow we head off to Hastings on the Intercity bus to Richards to pick up our car that he has been carsitting for the last six months since he secured it for us back in March. Then driving it home on Monday (snow permitting) since its forecast again tomorrow on the Rimutakas.

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