Thursday, 31 October 2013

Someone knew when to go on holiday!

IMG_8734The burnt timber is cut out and ready for the new iron.

After the recent fire it would have to be this week that the roof would be taken off and repairs done before the new iron was replaced.  Two days cutting out the burnt timber and replacing the rafters before the iron was put on today.

IMG_8740It was getting too close for comfort so we moved.

We had to move the motorhome from alongside the house so that no accidents could happen with the manoeuvring the long sheets of iron.

IMG_8738Wind and rain forecast – hurry up.

The weather forecast was not encouraging but at least it was not as bad as it was supposed to be.  Odd showers when the old iron had to be put back temporarily until the rain stopped and the new sheets could be lifted into place.

IMG_8742Getting there slowly.

The roofers expected to have the new iron on before lunch.  Yeah right. More like 4.45pm before leaving us with no satellite reception for a few days.  Never mind we have an alternative on the roof of Gypsy Rover, but no sky reception, never mind.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Rainbow Trout for Dinner

Yum.  We were lucky enough to be given a freshly caught Rainbow Trout today. This is something we haven't had since before we left for The UK in 2006 when I managed to catch one myself at Matamata. Unfortunately we forgot to photograph it before demolishing it.  Never mind. Another time maybe.