Tuesday 22 September 2015

Shakedown Cruise!

Last weekend we took our new baby out on its first outing in our ownership.  Surprisingly enough the layout is the same as our earlier motorhome but 1.4metres shorter.  Believe me that makes a big difference with storage.  But we will adapt, wont we?

IMG_0003(2)Our first view by email!

We had had ‘Gypsy Rover’ for sale for sometime as now we aren't living in her we planned to go smaller.  We received an email from a Blenheim couple as to whether we would be interested in a swap with their motorhome for ours and a cash difference.  Well it was worth looking at we thought, after many emails and phone calls back and forth, we finally agreed to meet in Wellington and view each others vehicles.  They made the trip on the Inter Island Ferry to meet up with us and were so confident they had booked a return trip with ‘our’ van a couple of days later.

IMG_0278Now I know I shouldn't be on the table …….but I do like it here.

But we were the harder to convince, many hours were spent over and under their vehicle until we proceeded with the deal.  I must admit Derek put them through the hoops and large amounts of cash (on their side) were paid to correct several problems.

IMG_0279Peek- a- boo I can see you!

IMG_0283The lounge area the same as before.

IMG_0284‘Watford’ the teddy lives here. (we found him in Derek’s hometown lost on the road while in the UK).

IMG_0286Beautiful upholstery and a lovely picture on the flat panel TV.

IMG_0288The kitchen area is a lot smaller, although the van can sleep 6.

IMG_0289Looking towards the cab.

IMG_0281We even managed to erect the attached awning.

Our first trip away was only 20 kms north to Foxton Boys Brigade Camp with the Heretaunga Caravan Club .  There were many extras supplied with the motorhome, new side walls on the awning, new carpet and a brand new stove.  All in all, not too bad, there are a few things we need to do but in the meantime it has not interrupted our busy travelling schedule too much.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Gypsy Rover is sold!

GypsyRoverDon’t think you have seen the last of us though, more exciting times ahead.IMG_0002This is the replacement. More to come.