Monday, 10 March 2014

Bunnythorpe and Sol3mio!


This weekend we headed to Bunnythorpe for a rally run by Wellington Caravan Club.  A place we have never visited before it was a little of a tight squeeze for some of the vehicles getting into the gates.  But no mishaps there!  We had also taken our new car as the plan was to drive into Palmerston North on the Friday night where we had tickets to the sold out concert for the classical trio Sol3mio.  We had assumed that it may be hard getting parking in the centre on a Friday night, especially with the Motorhome and we were right.

This trio consists of two brothers and a cousin of Samoan heritage who have all trained under a well known Classical Tutor in Wales. 

One of Sol3mio final concerts before heading offshore .

They have all secured positions overseas this year in several countries as soloists as Opera singers.

IMG_9058The duo, two of Sol3mio performing the song on the Kiwirail Advert.

These concerts were for the three to raise finance for their upcoming year to support themselves before they become well know, as we are sure they will. What a fantastic concert it was.  Derek was a little apprehensive at first as he only come to accompany me but he thoroughly enjoyed it as did the rest of the theatre.  They received 4 standing ovations and encores before heading into the audience to sign autographs.

Saturday morning saw the men rush out cameras in hand to photograph the steam train heading north on an excursion.

1271 steaming through Bunnythorpe.1271 steaming through Bunnythorpe.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Gumboot Day

Taihape Gumboot Day Saturday 8th MarchTaihape Gumboot Day Saturday 8th March