Sunday, 2 September 2007

Been there, done that.

7 Locks, 8 Miles, 1 Tunnel. Now moored at Bridge 26 GU.
614 locks, 815 miles, 23 Tunnels, 37 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

We left Braunston top lock early on Thursday morning to get through the Braunston tunnel before too many other boats started to move. We succeeded by getting through the tunnel all on our lonesome, it was lovely to breath in cool clean crisp air.

Thursday night we moored at the bottom of the Buckby flight but this is a bit noisy with the railway on one side and the motorway on the other.

"Oh dear"

The Buckby flight locks were just the same as they were when we were travelling north, hard to open even though the water was cascading over the bottom gates as the water behind the top gates were still not level. I see they are on the forthcoming winter stoppages again so let’s hope something is done to rectify the problem.

Friday night was spent at the aquaduct just north of Weedon wharf. Saturday morning and we have moved down to bridge 26 for water and found a suitable mooring to be able to meet my cousin and family who are coming over from Peterborough tomorrow morning. As there will be 8 of us in total we are going to have lunch at the Narrow boat Inn just above the bridge as it could be a bit crowded on the boat.

Just been speaking to Brent (son in New Zealand) concerning my mention and photos of Narrowboat Tui Mark 3. Well how’s this for a coincidence? My son has a workmate in New Zealand whose parents live on a Narrowboat called Tui with a beer logo on the boat. Couldn’t be more than one could there? He has sent me their email address so I will email them and let you know the outcome.

Once we get to London there will be plenty to blog about as we will try and cover the whole London ring including the rivers Lee and Stort before heading north again straight after christmas to avoid the planned stoppages.

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