Sunday, 9 May 2010

Back with the gang.

Greytown, Wairarapa. New Zealand

IMG_0033 [800x600]Club caravans parked around the central power supply at Greytown Caravan park.

This week-end was our Caravan Club’s rally week-end at Greytown. Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the trip over the Rimutaka hill to the Wairarapa. Now for those unfamiliar with this road it is 13 km of twisty winding road from Upper Hutt to Featherston rising 555m above sea level. This hill has a lot of history with it’s patch, repair and improve policy as and when money was available. They are at present carrying out straightening and widening work on what is known as Muldoon’s corner named after a Finance Minister, later Prime Minister as it was to the right and very tight.

IMG_0031 [800x600]Club members gathered at the park facilities block for morning tea.

Many decades ago a railway tunnel was put through the hill to alleviate a very complex and labour intensive railway system using a type of rack and pinion railway to get trains over the hill but the government of the time claimed a road tunnel would not be cost effective so never came to fruition. So motorist’s wishing to use this route have to grin and bear what can be quite hair raising depending on road and weather conditions. This can be anything from mist, gale force winds or snow and ice but this week-end the weather has been fine and warm.

IMG_0034 [800x600]Graham’s target range. All you had to do was hit a target from 5 feet with a spud gun.

Once at the camp site we were warmly greeted by our club friends some of whom we hadn’t seen for 4 years. The Rally Captain for the week-end was Graeme and Kathryn so we knew we were in for some fun and games as Graeme has quite a quirky sense of humour dreaming up all sorts of mad schemes. Our friends Robin and Jenny kindly offered to share their meals with us as we had no caravan or cooking facilities. Unfortunately Greytown Motor camp doesn’t have cabins or motels so we had to travel 7km up the road to Carterton Motor camp where we booked into a back packers cabin for Saturday night.

IMG_0036 [800x600]Derek in the foreground loading his spud gun for a shot on the target range.

The week-end was over all too quickly as we all had plenty to talk about and catch up on. New caravans and tow vehicles to inspect as well as catching up with what has been happening within the camping fraternity in the last 4 years. It was great to catch up with all our old friends and we look forward to returning into the fold permanently when we return to NZ in the not too distant future.

IMG_0047 [800x600]Judging time for the floral arrangement competition all made with plastic flowers.

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