Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dropping out of the sky.

Today we said farewell to Geoff and Pauline after going out for a farewell meal last evening, as they have to head back to Wellington for Pauline to have her hip replacement. We again had a mild overnight frost  leaving us with another cloud free sunny day.

Peninsula suspension bridge with a 3500kg weight limit.Spotted yesterday. The Peninsula suspension bridge with a 3500kg weight limit. We’re too heavy for that.

We spent most of the morning sitting out in the sunshine watching the aircraft and helicopters taking off from the airfield next door. There is a flying school located on site which accounted for some of the activity. Every now and then a plane load of parachutist’s went up and we watched them return to earth. Some of them were displaying their expertise with a few stunts. The pilot of the aircraft that took them up came back to earth very rapidly also. It looked as if he was going into a nose dive pulling up at the last minute before landing safely.

Peninsula suspension bridge with a 3500kg weight limit.Looking along the Peninsular Suspension Bridge

This afternoon we ventured into town for a bit of shopping. At “The Warehouse” we came across the worst customer service we have seen in any Warehouse that we have visited.

There was only one checkout open and the Supervisor called 3 times for staff to open other checkouts due to a long queue. Even the lady who was on checkout called to 2 young ladies in the customer service office who were doing nothing more than talking to come and help. The response was an obvious snub. The supervisor then opened a checkout herself with the comment she didn’t know if she could remember how. Eventually one young lady from customer service did begrudgingly open up another checkout but the whole thing was a disgusting display of poor customer service. I think Mr Tyndall would not be impressed.

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