Thursday, 21 June 2012

What a Surprise!

Dot was doing her usual thing of checking emails etc. this morning when she said there was one that I might be interested in. It was a response to a blog dated 20th February 2008 where we had posted a picture of a lad on a horse drawn barge.  The email had come from a Steven Canvin  who apparently is a 3rd cousin once removed.


He has confirmed my initial thoughts over the name of the barge and that the young man on the boat was Matthew Henry Frank Canvin aged 18. Frank as he was known was born in 1901 and died in 1995 just 9 year prior to us becoming involved in our narrowboat adventure. What a pity we never met. Frank worked for his uncle on the boat working out of Leckhamstead Wharf carrying coal from Bedworth in Warwickshire and bricks from a works at Gayton in Northamptonshire. Frank’s grandfather also worked on the boats on the canals. So there you have have it, it’s in the blood as I have have suspected for some time now.

It’s ironical that in the last few days I have been browsing through some 2006 edition Canal Boat and Inland Waterways magazines that have come to light during the unpacking. I think I will have to start buying some Lotto tickets.

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Maffi said...

Then it will be good to see you back!