Thursday, 26 December 2013

He’s dead Jim!


Oh no, after a weekend away recently we returned home and my computer immediately did a Microsoft update.  The dreaded blue screen kept appearing after the screen froze and then restarted.  Now here’s me blaming them and after several different attempts to correct the problem, it was obvious I was getting no where. Despite the picture we don’t suspect Google Chrome.

Time to call in the computer expert my son Brent.  Christmas day was spent trying to resolve the problem between times celebrating with Christmas Dinner (New Zealand style BBQ).

After several hours work and changing the hard drive and memory to no avail, the decision was made that it had to be a hardware and not software issue.

Just out of warranty of course, but here in New Zealand the Consumer Guarantees Act should cover such a problem, we hope, time will tell.

Luckily we still have the old computer I bought for his lordship in the UK so a quick sort out of the software required and we haven’t lost too much.  Luckily I managed to backup all the files, photos and whatever before it was too late.                         

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