Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shaky Eketahuna!

Our caravan club had a rally scheduled at Eketahuna where the recent earthquake was centred.  Do we or don't we? What the heck we could be anywhere we just hope the after shocks will not upset our weekend. Robin and Jenny had arrived an hour or so before us and there were just the two of us for Wednesday night.  The others were due to arrive the next day.

Walking around the cliff top from the camp into Eketahuna we had a good view down into the farmers paddock where they were busy haymaking.

Looking down on the riverLooking down on the river.Hay making in progress.Hay making in progress.Both ends, mmmm!Both ends, mmmm!

We then took a drive around the surrounding districts to view any damage from the earthquake.  The decision was then made to visit ‘Blue Haze’ for afternoon tea.  What a lovely place.

Lavender Farm at Mangatainoka Lavender Farm at Mangatainoka.

It was here that we both spotted a beautiful painting of a gypsy caravan on the bottom of a fry pan hanging on the wall.  We tried to purchase it from the owner who wouldn't part with it, but she put us on to the artist herself.  A replica of this is now hanging on our kitchen wall.

Gypsy Caravan Frypan at Lavender Farm

Later on in the long weekend, between light showers, some of us wandered back into town to visit the local antique and gift shop.

Duck your head Bill!Duck your head Bill!

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