Wednesday, 18 June 2014


While heading south from Tongariro yesterday we remarked on how many large vehicles there were on State Highway 1.

In a queue behind the local Police we were held up for a short while at the Bulls Bridge as two large vehicles were waiting to cross.

Accompanied by an escort vehicle the large crane took his time.  It is surprising that this trip was in the middle of the day.  Normally these large loads have to have special permits and are told what time the move has to be made when roads are quiet and are usually moved at night.

If you look carefully in the photo you may also see the oversized vehicle in the front of our queue waiting for his turn to negotiate the bridge.

IMG_9244Now what’s this all about?IMG_9245Now we see the holdup!IMG_9246One through one to go!

Once safely through there it was on to the dump station at Sanson (nice and handy to get to, relieving ourselves of all the waste water from the weekend away)) then home topping up with diesel in Levin on the way passed ready for our next trip away.

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