Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lets go to South Wairarapa!

Last weekend we had a club rally near Martinborough.  Several of us decided to take a couple of days extra and take a look around.

IMG_0561A great POP behind the Fell Museum in Featherston.IMG_0563Not sure I like these roads too much.IMG_0575Cape Palliser Lighthouse, yes (some of us )climbed the 234 steps.IMG_0596Seals on the beach at Ngawi.IMG_0606We even did some freedom camping on the south coast.IMG_0604Time for an ice cream.IMG_0641Hanging over the edge with the sea eroding the cliffs.IMG_0662Scary cliff faces.IMG_0667What can you see?IMG_0610That’s the best we could get, they did how wonderful sunsets and we missed it.IMG_0654Club picnic on the beach at Lake Ferry.IMG_0668Lake Ferry looking out to the south.IMG_0674Christening the new BBQ.

We had a wonderful weekend and even got back to the old kite flying.  Haven’t done that for a long time. Another few weeks and we are rallying on a farm. Now that will be interesting.

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