Monday, 9 October 2006

Exciting times ahead............

We have just spent two lovely days in Honolulu after flying out of New Zealand on Friday. Beautiful sunny weather at around 30 degrees. We have never been to Honolulu before but wished we had. It is beautiful.
We took 'The Bus' to Pearl harbour and spent the day reviewing the memories of the 7th day in December 1941, (my birthday but not the year). I grew up knowing that I was born on Pearl Harbour day. After a filmscreening we were taken out to the Arizona Memorial to the watery grave of so many of the crew. Nearly 900 personnel died that day including many civilians, men, women and children. The United States Navy provide the men and women to show the world what can happen in War. There is no admission charge just donations towards a larger museum if desired. We were there nearly 4 hours before returning to the hotel with another New Zealander from Christchurch who was returning home that evening for the children to get back to school after the holidays.
We are now in Vancouver after arriving at 5.30am this morning. Only 11 degrees, a bit of a shock and raining. We checked into this lovely hotel before having a sleep until lunchtime. The view from our 15th storey hotel room when we awoke was warm and sunny, the rain had gone and showed what a lovely city this is. More to follow tomorrow after we take a tour of the city .

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