Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Vancouver tour

We took a guided tour today on a trolley pictured left. It's modelled from a San Francisco tram but on a bus chassis.
Our tour driver, Larry, was a real character who had a wicked sense of humour. He gave Derek the ignition keys to look after the trolley while he went to Starbucks for a coffee.
After doing the complete tour circuit we hopped off at the Aquarium for an hour or so before catching the trolley back to town. What we had not realised was that this
week-end was Thanks giving so the city was crowded but it was a beautiful sunny day and everybody was out and about making the most of the lovely weather. As the temperature was starting to cool down we headed back to the hotel to get some warmer clothing before we heading back into the city to find somewhere for dinner. The choices of eating establishments are endless. We eventually found a place called Red Robin which is a bar / eating house. Dot ordered a chicken caesar salad which turned out to be just cheese and lettuce. When we were presented with the bill she complained about it and the cost of the salad was duly removed from the account, no if's, but's or maybe's. Now that's good customer PR.
During the course of the tour we were shown the 6 o' clock cannon which was used by early mariners to gauge tide movements. In more recent times it has been highjacked by varsity students as a fund raiser and on 1 occasion it was loaded with rocks so when it went off the rocks damaged a petroleum installation out in the harbour. Needless to say the cannon has now been moved and caged so no further repetitions can occur. It has also had it's time slot changed to 9 o'clock and we have just heard it go BOOM.
Tomorrow morning we leave early on the Rocky Mountaineer train through the Rockies to Calgary. May not have the opportunity to update before arriving in the UK. Will update as soon as we have internet access again.................

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