Sunday, 10 June 2007

Ready for top coat.

Moored above Greenham lock.
366 locks, 509½ miles, 16 Tunnels, 8 swing bridges and 9 lift bridges since Nov 2006

Yesterday was a busy day with sanding and priming the other half of the roof but by 11am it was too hot to carry on. Later in the afternoon I managed to sand all the primer using wet and dry emery paper, dry paper would not touch it as it was still soft with the heat.
After an early tea the sun was off the boat and the temperature was still warm enough to paint so I got stuck in before the damp night appeared. I finished painting about 9pm and the whole roof looked good. Hence no blog last night.
This morning I found that there had been overnight dew which has caused a slight bloom in places but nothing to worry about as it is only undercoat. The stupid thing is that most of the bloom is on the part where I started painting not the last area done.

Today was a rest day for me and Dot went to London to see Tracey and watch the dress rehearsal for Trooping the colour. Unfortunately she was disappointed due to a misunderstanding they didn’t get to see it from the stands, only from the road side.
Then to top it all off her train from London was delayed an hour due to police having to deal with an armed offender somewhere along the track. It turned out to be a very long hard day for her being on her feet for most of the time.
Dot spotted an unusual sight at the dress rehearsal of the Trooping of the Colour. A Farrier was on hand and had to shoe at least two horses during the ceremony so who gets put on a charge for

Click on the photo to enlarge it and you will see the Farrier putting a new shoe on the horse.
The Guard remained seated on the horse the whole time.

Wellington monument seen in Green Park adjoining Buckingham Palace

Three guesses "What is it?" A giant perambulator?

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