Saturday, 30 June 2007

Sunshine & blue sky.

7 locks, 1½ miles, Now moored at lock 28.
457 locks, 584 miles, 17 Tunnels, 26 swing bridges and 9 lift bridges since Nov 2006

This morning was overcast with showers but as the day wore on the conditions improved. Our NZ guests, Brian and Mavis arrived as planned so as soon as they were organised we set off for the Caen flight. When Brian heard that we were going to do the Caen flight he contacted us as the flight was an ambition of his. He may wish that he hadn’t volunteered after we reach the top.
The sunshine was great beating down on our backs but the wind was starting to become very gusty making entry into the locks very tricky.
With an extra 2 crew members as well as Derek & Christina on Kalimera we made good time through the locks. We had planned on only doing the first 7 locks today which puts us at the foot of the flight ready for an early start, weather permitting tomorrow morning.
We were in luck as the 24 hour moorings at the bottom of the flight were all available so we are now all set for the morning.

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