Thursday, 18 November 2010

The baby arrives.

Last Friday we travelled down to London to spend the week-end with daughter Tracey for a multi birthday bash. Our motorhome was due in the dealers yard at the same time. The plan was that if it arrived on time we would travel down to Cranham Motors on the Saturday but alas this didn’t happen.

Today (Wednesday) while having lunch I received a phone call from Cranham Motors to say that our baby had just rolled into the yard and we could go and have a look at our convenience. As luck would have it our landlord, Mick, was home and on speaking to him found that he was heading down to Essex tomorrow morning so guess who’s going to Cranham Motors tomorrow morning? Yip, Mick is going to give us a lift there and back. Whoopee! Mind you Mick will be making the most of the situation as he imports products for the caravan/motorhome industry so  he will hopefully be able to add Cranham’s to his portfolio.

Needless to say we will be taking a camera so watch this space for pictures of the baby.


Unknown said...

oooh, exciting.
hope its all OK?
Graham and Jill

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jill and Graham
Yes We're sure it will, fingers crossed will let you all know.

Elly and Mick said...

The start of a new adventure coming soon!!
Any thoughts on where you'll go first?
Elly & Mick

Carol said...

cooo exciting hey?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Mick and Elly

Plans are to store it at the yard until February before hopefully heading towards the Falkirk Wheel and then Scotland.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carol
Exciting and scary all at once. photos will follow