Friday, 12 November 2010

Visitor and Visiting.

Yesterday morning while sitting in our lounge I became aware of something moving around out on the driveway. Taking a closer look I was surprised to find a female Muntjac deer wandering down the drive. When I went out with a camera she hid in the hedgerow and eventually  made her way off the property before I managed to take a photograph. Considering we are right in the centre of town this was the last thing I would expect to see in the garden.

This afternoon while cleaning the apartment we discovered a water leak. As the landlord is away on business as usual I set about finding the problem. It turned out to be a badly sealed waste pipe. As I have ready access to his shed I went and found some silicone sealant and set about fixing the problem. It wasn’t a very tidy repair but as it is hidden behind skirting boards I don’t think it will matter as long as it doesn’t leak again.

Tomorrow we are heading off to London for 4 days for a 4 birthday celebration bash. As daughter Tracey is going to be in South Africa for Xmas we will be having an early Xmas party as well.


Jenny and Robin said...

Enjoy your trip to London with your 4 birthday bash and the early Christmas party. Hope you get a nice cake!

Mary and Tony Price said...

Have a great time. Give my love to Tracey. Please ring me at Dad's if you get this message.