Sunday, 12 December 2010

On me Pat Malone.

Despite there being 2 opposing factions having a protest march in Peterborough today we managed to get to the railway station with time to spare. The Queensgate shopping centre was not as busy as we would have expected being only 14 days out from Christmas but the public had obviously opted to stay away from the city. What was obvious was a very large contingent of Police even on the railway station.

A sign placed in the station foyer by East Coast trains warned that there was a total alcohol ban in place for the day and Transport Police would be riding the trains. Inebriated travellers would be barred from travelling and any trouble makers would be removed forthwith. Hooray for East Coast Trains, a pity more companies don’t follow suit.

By the time I arrived back at the apartment I received a text message to say Dot had arrived at Heathrow and an hour later she rang to say she was through Customs. As I write this she is probably hurtling down the runway bound for the first stop, Hong Kong.

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