Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

The Editor in Chief of this blog may be on the other side of the world but she is still keeping the pressure on the sole scribe (me) to produce articles. It is also due to her absence that there is a lack of pictures. Computers and I speak a different language, neither understanding each other.

The recent visit to the National Railway Museum would be better displayed in pictures rather than words. I will say that there  has been a lot of work done at the museum since our last visit and the opening up to the public of the thousands of items in the bulk warehouse was awesome. Everything from scale model loco’s and rolling stock to trackside memorabilia, LMS boardroom table to L & Y signalman training system, station names to stained glass windows. Every rack held untold treasures thankfully saved for future generations to marvel over. I did read that as the museum has so much to offer another museum at Shildon, Co Durham has been opened to cope with the ever growing list of artefacts. Visit their website but be prepared to spend hours there.

Thankfully here in March we seem to be missing the worst of the current Winter weather with only heavy frosts and –5degC temperatures. I must say that the freezing fog on the tree’s and hedgerows making everything white does look like a Christmas card picture. Today being the shortest day of the year can only be good news that things can only improve from here on in. Here’s hoping.

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