Thursday, 20 January 2011

Google Chrome Problem

After my blog yesterday I have discovered that the problem appears to be the Google Chrome browser.  Due to the problem we have had with both computers crashing all the time on both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer I decided to install Google Chrome. All going well no more problems with crashing, but it has now become impossible to comment on any other fellow bloggers’ posts.  For some reason it does not accept my blogger ID, anybody got any ideas?  I don’t want to revert to these other browsers just so I can post a comment.



Pip said...

Hi both - I use Google Chrome all the time and don't have any problems commenting, as this comment proves - do you use your google account as your ID?

Pip x

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Pip
Thanks, this comment is via Chrome just to call me a liar. Other times it has not given me an option to use any id, maybe it just needed rebooting.

Carol said...

hi both, I have exactly the same problem and most of the time have to post comments via internet explorer-if you do find a solution please let me know.regards Carol

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carol
Will do, funnily it seems to work ok on our own blog. Hope you got the message about the Daimler, I was unable to post the comment on your blog either.Will have to use ie until we get an answer.
Regards Dot

Tom and Jan said...

If both IE and Firefox are crashing your pc then I suspect the problem is with the pc. (do they crash you pc our just crash themselves?)

Do you have a 'restore point' you can roll back to and check if that fixes the problem? When is the last time you cleaned off the entire hard drive and reinstalled the system?

Google appears to be moving Chrome towards being a lightweight operating system for Netbooks that will primarily use the "Cloud". It's been reported that Chrome has some inter-operability issues.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom
Thanks for your comments. Tried restoring with no avail, one computer runs xp and one vista. Seems firefox is the main culprit, have not reinstalled for a while but plan the move to windows 7 when we return to NZ in August. Hope you have deep pockets for your visa! :-)

Derek and Dot said...

Sorry crash themselves not the pc

Bernard said...

I have had absolutely no problems with Chrome ever. (Over a year).
However, when I clicked a link, (to this specific post) I think it was from Nb Hadar, I found all the comments here UNDER the blog post itself and there was NO comment box for me to reply.
When I reloaded using just your blog name (ie all posts) and then clicked on 'comments' - I got the 'pop-up' box.
So, perhaps that is where the problem lies. Have you changed your choice of 'displaying comments'?
You may have to check your settings. :)
Hope this helps and you soon get it sorted. :)

Bernard said...

Sorry, it was Tickety Boo. :)
I clicked on :-
and it showed all comments underneath straight away.
But clicking on:-
there are no comments listed. They appear in a separate 'pop-up' when you click on 'comments'.
Sorry if this confusing. Best I can do. :)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Bernard
I have changed no settings at all, seems to be only some blogs whereas others are fine. I have no problem on commenting on my own blog. It appears others have the same problem.