Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rugby return.

Yesterday Dot had a specialist appointment at St Cross hospital in Rugby so we had a rental car out for 24 hours. It was a great day for a jaunt across the country passing through 4 Counties.  I am pleased to say that the specialist gave her a clean bill of health and is quite happy for Dot to reduce or even eliminate the medication completely if possible. If the problem rears it’s ugly head again she can go straight back on to the medication.

While blog watching this morning we had a look at N/b Rock & Roll’s (Carol & George) blog. There was a query as to what was the make of a car they had photographed. Unfortunately their comment box isn’t working so was unable to leave a comment. Hi Carol, unable to find your email address but I would say that the car is a Daimler of about 1950ish vintage.


Unknown said...

Great news Dot.
Rock'n Roll's comment box seems fine now Derek.

Jenny said...

Pleased you had good health news, Dot.