Monday, 2 January 2012

Wally Award of the Day.

Our happy camper neighbours from Wanganui have some club rules, some funny, some serious. A serious rule is that under wet weather conditions they are not allowed to abandon their tents in favour of a nice warm, dry cabin or motel. That is automatic exclusion from the group. On the funny side is a trophy for “Wally of the Day”. Yesterday this was awarded to Dot for setting off the motorhome alarm not once but twice last evening around 9.30pm.

IMG_4681‘Wally of the Day’ award

The weather today has been an improvement until mid afternoon when the temperature started to drop and a few light showers arrived. While it was dry this morning Don came over and had a look at our electrical system which, although greatly improved is still not right. His conclusion, which confirmed our thoughts on the matter is that the electrical wiring between the batteries, solar panel, charger and master control panel is too light and needs heavier gauge wire. This is causing the batteries to not getting a full charge and not holding their charge long enough. We have made an arrangement for Don to help us modify the system next week.

The problem stems from the fact that freedom camping in the UK and Europe is banned or frowned upon and manufacturers build the motorhomes accordingly. Therefore campers are always in camps with mains power available and heavier wiring is therefore not necessary. Don has already modified another friends European motorhome for exactly the same problem.

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