Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to Stokes Valley but not home.

Thursday morning and it was our turn to break camp and head back over the Rimutaka Hill road to the Hutt Valley. Our destination was to be a fellow caravan club members property about 2km away from our own home in Stokes Valley.

We hadn’t been to Kathryn’s house with the motorhome and we were unsure as to how well we would fit on the driveway. Gingerly reversing onto the driveway it turned out to be easier than anticipated until I got close to a low wall.  Here it was a case of inching back and checking the clearance before inching back a bit further. Kathryn then pointed me in the direction of a pair of solid looking ramps which when applied to the right rear wheels lifted me sufficiently to clear the wall and surprisingly level the motorhome to as near as damn it.

Gypsy Rover and Dot's Nissan at Katherine's in Stokes Valley.Gypsy Rover and Dot's Nissan at Kathryn's in Stokes Valley.

On Saturday morning after leaving Carterton there was a terrible ballooning accident very close to our camp with the loss of 11 lives and the town is now in mourning.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Our main objective for being here is to finish off some small jobs left incomplete when Kathryn’s partner Graeme passed away suddenly a few months ago. Painting, carpentry and wallpapering are the order of the day with other odd jobs thrown in for good measure.

Derek and Robin on BBQ's with a little assistance from Peter. Geoff just look's pensive.Derek and Robin on BBQ's with a little assistance from Peter. Geoff just look's pensive.

Sunday afternoon we had the caravan club around for a BBQ which went very well. Unfortunately fellow members Don and Pamela couldn’t attend as they were away in Hastings visiting a seriously ill friend.We hope to catch up with them later in the week when they return.

The girls awaiting the BBQ at Kathryn's.The girls awaiting the BBQ at Kathryn's.

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