Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Oxford and Jo Seagar’s Cafe

Canterbury NZ.

The weather deteriorated compared to yesterday but a trip had been planned to visit Jo Seagar’s cooking school and cafe in Oxford. Jo is NZ’s answer to Jamie Oliver.

Jo Seagar's cafe in Oxford.Jo Seagar's cafe in Oxford.Jo Seagar's cafe in Oxford.Jo Seagar’s very busy at lunchtime today.Jo Seagar's Spud Fry.Jo Seagar's Spud Fry.

As we left Belfast the weather was sunny and warming up nicely but as we drove out across the Canterbury Plains towards the Mountains the clouds started to gather and light showers became more frequent. This did not deter us from exploring what there was around Oxford with Jo Seagar’s Cooking School and Cafe becoming very much the heart of the town. In the cafe we thought the prices were on the high side but when the meals were served they more than justified the price as non of us had any room for a dessert after huge main course’s.

Oxford's mural depicting it's rural history.Oxford's mural depicting it's rural history.Colonial style building in Oxford.Colonial style building in Oxford.Let me out, I'm innocent.Let me out, I'm innocent.

Coming back to Belfast we took another route out through Kirwee and Burnham. The rural change from Sheep farming to Dairy farming was becoming more obvious with farmers putting in huge irrigation and water trough facilities and Fonterra building a new dairy Factory at Darfield. It seems that Dairy farming is where the money is these days, a big difference from last century when lamb exports were top’s.

Logging truck slowly passing over the Waimakariri Gorge road bridge.Logging truck slowly passing over the Waimakariri Gorge road bridge.

Arriving back at camp the light showers caught up with us and has now turned into a steady downpour but the land around here is so dry it desperately needs the moisture.

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