Thursday, 16 February 2012


South Bay Kaikoura.South Bay Kaikoura.

South Bay Kaikoura.

Kaikoura had been planned as just a one night stop over so this morning we all trundled off down to the domain at the end of the road to use the waste water dump point. There was quite a queue by the time we got there as a big bus conversion motorhome was on site emptying what were probably 2 X 4/500 litre tanks and doing heaven only knows what else as he was there for ages.

Kaikoura Peninsular walkway entrance.Kaikoura Peninsular walkway entrance.

Kaikoura Peninsular walkway entrance.

Eventually we all got through and hit the road once more. We only travelled less than 10km when we found a large rest area where we stopped for lunch. While there we were entertained by the Seals playing in the surf. A couple of young pups were spotted swimming among the Kelp (seaweed).

Kekeno or NZ Fur Seal just metre's away from the traffic on SH1.Kekeno or NZ Fur Seal just metre's away from the traffic on SH1.

Our total mileage for the day was only about 59km by the time we reached the NZMCA camp at Parnassus which used to be the village school. There are ten motorhomes and caravans on site tonight but there is plenty of room for many more.

Whale watch boat Kaikoura coming in to view the Seals.Whale watch boat Kaikoura coming in to view the Seals.

After setting up camp for the night Geoff and Pauline were heading off to Domett to check out the old railway station which is now a cafe. Being a railway buff I was invited along but it was a bit of a dis-appointment as the station building had been moved away from the railway and except for old photographs and a bit of railway memorabilia there wasn’t much else. So after an obligatory coffee each it was back to camp.

The old Domett railway station. Now a roadside cafe.The old Domett railway station. Now a roadside cafe.

During the afternoon get together discussion was held as to our plans for the next few days followed by a BBQ tea held outside in brilliant sunshine.

Before coming away on this Safari we were a bit concerned about our 12v power supply holding up but so far we have had plenty of sunshine supplying nearly 5amps through our solar panel. We are also carefully planning our recharging of phones and rechargeable batteries while driving with the alternator doing the work.

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