Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fire! Fire! Not quite but almost!

We are still slowly working our way through the mountain of crates and boxes we had all our worldly possessions stored in. It was while we were testing out an old TV in our bedroom that we nearly had a serious mishap.

We had plugged in the TV and switched it on using some old Bunny Ears aerial just to see if it worked. It did work so after tuning in the channels we just turned it off using the remote but leaving it plugged in at the wall. I just carried on with what I had been doing earlier and was moving from room to room. I returned to the bedroom and was sorting out some papers in the safe when I smelt burning. I looked up to see the TV enveloped in a huge cloud of smoke. I dived behind the chest of drawers pulling the plug out of the wall socket to kill the power supply, grabbed the TV and headed off towards the internal access door to the garage with smoke still pouring out of the set. Dot, wondering what all the commotion was about ran down the hall and opened the garage door so that I could dispose of the smoking monster outside ASAP. Luckily my prompt action had stopped the TV actually bursting into flames, had I been in a different room the outcome could have been quite different. Just shows how prudent it is not to leave electrical appliances on standby.

Caught fireTime for disposal now after the smoking episode.

Ah well, crisis over its back to unpacking, sorting and putting away with the occasional “What the hell did we keep that for”. Another one for the rubbish bin.


Jenny and Robin said...

You probably had some live stock nesting in there while in storage. Probable got fried mouse or something in there now!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
It was in a sealed carton with no holes in but not a sealed plastic container like everything else. More likely to be a build up of dust.