Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dear oh dear.

Having now acquired just about all our requirements in furniture we can say that the house now resembles a home. We have been having the odd hiccup like the other morning when unloading the dishwasher I found that everything on the bottom rack was still grubby. Further investigation revealed the bottom spray arm was jammed and that it was a screw in fitting. Pulling it apart I found that even though the arm was stainless steel it had worn a groove and split causing it to jam. Knowing full well that the age of the machine was against me I tried to procure a new arm. The agents would have to order one in which are now made in plastic and it would cost me $65. No thanks, I will try our local white ware recycler.

Spray arm  showing it worn through and split.Spray arm showing it worn through and split.

This gentleman didn’t have one in the shop but promised to check his bulk warehouse. Sunday morning, yes SUNDAY, and he sent me a text to say he had one and I could come and collect it. Without further adieu  we hopped in the car and went to collect it. He told me that he doesn’t usually bother with taking these arms off because of them being stainless steel and presumably indestructible. However while checking several machines he found various stages of wear including some others that had also split but luckily he found one that was just about mint condition. He will now save some of these for future use. How much did this cost me? A mere $10 and the machine should be good for another few years service.

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