Monday, 16 July 2012

Lazy Susan!

Recently we have been on the hunt for new (or new for us) furniture. Over the years with a growing family we had purchased veneer furniture in the past due to the fact that it was much cheaper than quality timber furniture.

Since moving back into our home we decided that this time around we would only buy good quality timber furniture.  After all there would not be another opportunity on our retirement incomes.  Our choice was New Zealand Rimu being a lovely golden coloured native timber.  Unfortunately this is now becoming  very hard to find and therefore has become very expensive.  Our option was to purchase pre loved furniture which could be restored sometime in the future if need be.

Lazy Susan on TableRimu extendable round table dining suite.

We have been very lucky with our purchases and have found a lovely round Rimu dining suite in great condition.  We also fell in love with a Rimu Welsh Dresser which although several years old looks great in our dining room alongside the suite.

Welsh DresserWelsh Dresser.

Yesterday being a totally miserable wet Sunday, we visited my Aunt and Uncle in Maungaraki for lunch. Bill although being 80 years of age is an amazing wood turner.  He does this as a hobby and had made me a Lazy Susan to place in the middle of the table.  Fantastic, I am thrilled with it.  He sourced the Rimu himself and the basic raw material looks nothing like the completed article.

Lazy SusanLazy Susan with lace doily under a protective piece of perspex.

Now we are in a position to entertain our friends and return the wonderful invitations we have had from them.

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