Sunday, 12 August 2012

Another rally weekend.

Kapiti island from Paekakariki.Kapiti Island from Paekakariki.

At home there is still plenty to sort out but we are gradually working through it weather permitting.This week-end was another Caravan Club rally this time at Paekakariki Holiday Park. We have not been to this camp since about 2004 so it was interesting to find out if there had been any changes.


Daffodils at Paekakariki Holiday Park.Spring is on the way, daffodils at Paekakariki Holiday Park.

There nothing much new except for a large air filled mattress/trampoline for the kids. It’s kept inflated by a compressor and was obviously a great favourite with the kids in camp.

Jump pillow at Paekakariki Holiday Park.Jump pillow at Paekakariki Holiday Park.

After lunch on Saturday we went for a walk through the Queen Elizabeth Park down to the beach. As the weather was fine we ventured along the beach to a nearby boutique shop selling all sorts of gifts along with coffee and ice creams. After enjoying a coffee or an ice cream in the sunshine it was back to camp for tea.

Volunteer's planting out along the sand dunes at Paekakariki.Volunteer's planting out along the sand dunes at Paekakariki.Paekakariki beach looking south.We wandered along the beachfront at Paekakariki.

One surprise was a flock of Quail that reside in the park.  I had seen about 12 in the caravan storage area but that night they ventured out into the camping area and we counted 28 of them so there is a good breeding flock there.

Quail at Paekakariki holiday park.Quail at Paekakariki Holiday Park.

Sunday and the weather turned pear shaped with more persistent rain. Normally we would have lunch before departing after a rally but today this ritual was overlooked as we all headed home early.

Gypsy Rover at Paekakariki.Gypsy Rover at Paekakariki Holiday Park.


Tom and Jan said...

Gawd... You're going to make Jan homesick. She spent her teenage years in Raumati South and the family home looked across a Kapiti Island.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tom and Jan
Always happy to bring back some happy memories.