Wednesday, 22 August 2012

We’re on the Move Again.

DSC_8272doneFrom this….

Well it wasn’t planned to happen quite this quick but everything is falling into place. Having lived overseas for 5 years where double glazing of homes is standard we responded to an advert for free quotes with a view to getting double glazing in our home. We were not surprised at the $8000 quote for just the living area of the house. This made us think about where we go from here.

IMG_7782And this……

After a recent visit to Levin we were introduced to a house there that ticked all the boxes including double glazing which is now compulsory in all new buildings. It was obvious by the time we had completed an inspection of the property that this was the house for us. Only 18 months old and absolutely immaculate. No messing around , negotiations began immediately with a deal being struck within a very short space of time. At this stage our house wasn’t even on the market.

We headed home with the thought of what have we done? With a couple of appraisal’s in hand a decision was soon made to list with the local Selig’s Real Estate with whom Dot had worked for in their Upper Hutt office. Within hours of signing the listing  an agent rang us to view. A couple of hours later she rang us back (we were away at the time) requesting permission to take a client through. Not a problem, we said.

Original1To this!

We eventually got home an hour or so later thinking the house would be clear but oops, the agent and client were still here. Jodie will eventually become our home’s new owner. We still have a few repairs to do and we don’t shift until the end of October.

Talk about life in the fast lane, it’s all happened so fast and suddenly the stress is over, thank goodness.


Tom and Jan said...

Congratulations... By why Levin?

Derek and Dot said...

Tom and Jan
Why not? smaller town, warmer climate,all facilities and more rural. We were spoilt on the boat, hard to replicate the open spaces here now.

Pip said...

Your time on the boat has obviously given you itchy feet! Good luck with the move - when our Premium Bonds come up we'll come and visit. I still call clothes pegs 'pigs' after that hilarious meal we had with you and Jo and Lesley, and Jill and Graham at Braunston.
Pip & Roger xxx

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Pip and Roger
Yes it becomes very hard to settle after 6 years on the move. Hopefully now we may be able to.
We miss all you guys heaps.
Take Care