Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Baby’s bath day

With the pollen from surrounding Pines tree’s covering all and sundry with a pale yellow dusting, the baby (Gypsy Rover) had changed from white to pale yellow. With Dot still in Auckland with her sister Mary and me on my lonesome with nothing else on the agenda for today the time had come to bath the baby. I suspected that the solar panel might have a covering of the yellow dust which might be impeding it’s output.

Getting up on the roof with a bucket of car wash solution and the hose was a bit tricky but proved too be a necessity. The roof was an absolute mess and took a lot of elbow grease to get it clean. Having done that a pool of water remained on the roof so a quick trip up the hill to the turn around area soon shifted all that. Just as well there was nobody behind me or they would have got a free wash.

With it being a sunny day  (eat your heart out Auckland) I could only do small sections at a time to ensure the soapy solution didn’t dry before I could hose it off. Two and a half hours later and the job was done. Just as well that doesn’t have to be done very often. I will have to visit Repco or Super Cheap to obtain some tar remover to finish the job off.

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