Friday, 14 September 2012

Confirmation Day

In a record time of 5 weeks from start until finish we have sold our house in Stokes Valley and bought a lovely villa in Levin which is just over an hours drive away. Who said the Real Estate market was slow? Today we confirmed the sale through our solicitor, our deposit was due today and the balance on settlement day.

It’s been a hectic 5 weeks as we had put in the offer on the new property before we had even considered selling our current property. We have to take our hat off to the agent who sold our home as she had the buyer through the house within hours of the listing becoming official. There was also a lot of  interest from other buyers so there was no doubt that it would sell quickly.

Here we are not even fully unpacked from our 5 years overseas and we are repacking. We have already taken 2 car and trailer loads up to our friends property in Levin who are very kindly storing it on their rural property in preparation for the big move. A furniture removal company will just have the furniture to shift on moving day as all the odds and ends will already have been dealt with. There will just be the last minute stuff to go in the car.

Original2Our new kitchen showing a strong resemblance to our existing kitchen.

Between now and moving day on the 26th October we are going to be busy as we have one caravan club rally to attend followed by a couple of weeks of house and cat sitting. At the end of that is a meeting in Hastings where we will attempt to sell our motorhome and hopefully replace it with a smaller model. By the time we get home we will only have a short time until Labour weekend following a week later with the shift north.

It won’t end on moving day either as there is more to follow but we’ll save that until later.


Derek Bird said...

Very spacious these camper vans then!

Must be the end of the travelling then eh! Dot

What we need is a bit NZ luck to rub off on us at the moment

All best

D, C & B

Derek and Dot said...

Hi D C & B
Yes looks like you need a little luck, I'll send you some. :-)
End of travelling? no way, it gets in your blood you know.

Jill and Graham said...

Well done guys, hope you are both well?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jill and Graham

Hope you are both well also,Enjoy your kayaking. Keeps us young these new endeavours!