Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Where was my camera?

When I needed it.  I never thought of it until too late!

Last weekend we spent a great time with fellow members of the Caravan Club in Masterton.  Beautiful weather after all the heavy rain we had experienced lately I managed to get my first touch of sun for the year.  Derek and I were late arriving as we wanted to relieve ourselves of excess paint and oil at the amnesty by the council on Saturday morning in Upper Hutt.  Cleaning out the garage Derek found large amounts of both that he didn’t want to leave for the new owner. That took only a few minutes before we headed over the Rimutaka Hill to join the others.  A visit to the local museum after lunch was followed in the evening with a pot luck dinner.  We always eat well here.


With most of the club leaving on Sunday after lunch Don and Pamela and ourselves settled in for another day or two.  We were carrying on to Hastings for a couple of week’s house and cat sitting, whereas the others were heading home on Wednesday.

After breakfast yesterday when it was time for us to say our goodbyes and head north, Derek hopped into the van but was unable to coax it off the wet grass. After several attempts trying to use mats for gripping the tyres we had to admit defeat.  Don and one of the other campers came to the rescue with Don’s 4 wheel drive and a tow rope.  (Now where did our tow rope go when Derek was cleaning out the garage?) Don managed to pull Gypsy Rover forward the foot or so needed to get the front tyres onto the hard to enable the van to get traction. Thank you so much Don.  We know what we will do next time, we do have some wood that will be laid under the front tyres in future. The camp has plans to put in several hard standings shortly which should stop the same thing happening again.

We continued on to Hastings before parking up in Richards driveway.

Two side by side and the mini tucked in behind.The two of us side by side and the mini tucked in behind in Hastings.

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