Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Home again.

Day 16. Yesterday the weather was wet and miserable with some not too light down pours. We had arranged to visit the Herb Farm for lunch and have a look at what natural herbal remedies they make and sell. Luckily this was all under cover. Last night the weather turned really sour with high winds, thunder and lightning.

Kereru or Native Pidgeon feeding in a bush outside the motorhome.Kereru or Native Pidgeon feeding in a bush outside the motorhome.

This morning we were up bright and early as we had booked the motorhome into the nearest Fiat dealership for a service. As we had to pass through Palmerston North to get home it made sense to get it done before going home to save a return journey. There is no Fiat dealer in Levin.

Unfortunately it didn’t get done as quickly as we would have hoped so we visited old friends from Dot’s schooldays. They own and operate a motel just on the edge of town. By the time we did collect the motorhome we didn’t leave Palmerston North until lunchtime.

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