Friday, 22 February 2013

Laid Low

Yes we are still alive, well almost. Since we returned home from our safari three weeks ago I have been performing the chief cook and bottle washer routine including shopping, housework and gardening.  Wow, hope Dot gets well soon. She has had an unknown virus which has really hit her.  The doctor originally thought it was viral pneumonia but all the chest x-rays and blood tests dispute that. Drastic way to loose weight apparently but she has lost several kilos in the meantime.  Hopefully things are starting to look up and she is heading back in the right direction.  For the last two evenings we have even managed to go out walking which was an intention we had when we moved here nearly 4 months ago.

Last weekend we were to attend a combined rally with Wellington and Wairarapa Caravan Clubs in Otaki but had to give that a miss.  Next weekend is a rally in Featherston which we have still not committed to, Robin and Jenny are hoping to move that weekend as well so time will tell.

What fantastic weather we have been having, almost unbelievable we have had little rain since before Christmas, and none on the rain radar in sight either. Drought conditions ahead maybe! Water restrictions are in force and they say Levin is running very low in water.  Ouch.

Today being the 2nd Anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake and its severe loss of life, our thoughts go to all the people of Christchurch who are still suffering.


Carol said...

Hi Dot, hope you’ll be feeling much, much better very soon. Look after yourselves. Regards to you both from Carol and George

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carol and George

Thanks for the kind words, I am on the mend slowly. We miss you all and our time on the canals. Keep up the wonderful photos.

Unknown said...

Get well soon Gal.
All the best from
Graham and Jill

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Graham and Jill
Thanks for the kind words. Feeling better each day. Keep up the good work, when do we look forward to a visit?