Friday, 7 June 2013

Wow minus 2deg and Freezing!

We awoke this morning to freezing temperatures but how beautiful the place looked under a very heavy frost.  Sorry I forgot to get the camera out. It is the coldest we have had here but was followed by a lovely sunny day.  Hardly a cloud in the sky and it didn't take long to warm up.  The Tongariro Crossing was open again today and we had 6 brave souls catching the shuttle up to the track at 7.15pm this morning. Rather them than me!  The recent snow levels on the mountain have now receded and the crossing is clear until the next snowfall.

Off with his head! Derek removing the last remnants of a dead tree from the motorhome parking area.

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Les Biggs said...

Just to let you know I am doing my now and again check on you both and I still miss you. But I must say you look happy enough.