Friday, 31 May 2013

What snow and its still only May!


After the recent southerly blast the Tararua Ranges have a good coating of snow which has lowered the temperature’s some what. By 1pm the temperature had reached 14deg C when we pulled out of Levin yesterday heading for Tongariro. We were not due there until lunchtime today but thought it prudent to travel yesterday afternoon once the road had reopened.  We would then hopefully not have to contend with snow and ice on the road this morning. At least we had a nice fine day as we travelled north until we reached Taihape where the road had been closed due to heavy snow the previous day. Normally you can reach Waiouru about 30km further north before you strike road closures. Obviously the storm had been a real beauty throughout the central North Island. By now the temperature had dropped to 10degC and as we climbed up to the central plateau the temperature kept dropping until it hit 6degC upon arrival at Tongariro.


We opted to travel via Ohakune rather than over the Desert Road and it appeared that a lot of truck driver’s had the same idea because we have never seen so many truck’s on this road before. (Just for Geoff, yes your Chocolate Eclair shop was open):-)

On both side’s of the road snow still lay in substantial quantities. Apparently a snow plough had been all around SH’s 46/47/4 only that morning so our timing couldn’t have been better.



Friends Greg and Donna showed us photo’s of what the area had looked like two days ago after the storm passed. The boys were able to ski board just up the back of the property and build a huge snowman without going anywhere near the mountain.


Just as we arrived at our destination a rainbow appeared in front of us, do we head for the gold? It doesn’t look too far away.

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