Monday, 6 May 2013

Normal service to be resumed.

All lined up at MCC site at Foxton BeachAll lined up at MCC site at Foxton Beach

After a horrendous two weeks things are starting to get back to normal. Over the week-end we were rally family for a caravan club rally held at the Manawatu Caravan Club private grounds at Foxton. The weather we had requested turned out just fine despite the forecasted rain and we were able to stick to our game plan of a mini Petanque competition which was won by Geoff. The evening entertainment was boys and girls names starting with the letters A.N.Z.A.C. A & N for Boys, A & C for girls and Z for either. The result for this competition was a complete and utter whitewash by Cath  who must have sat up half the night collating her list. Well done guys.

Ready set -GoReady set –GoThis is what we're afterThis is what we're after!Great weather for May.  Levin had the national high temperature too.Great weather for May.  Levin had the national high temperature too.

On our way home on Sunday we called in to see our American friend Dave. He presented me with an old clock that he had inherited from his mother which had fallen off the wall and sustained some body damage.

Monday morning and I was back off to the Menz Shed having missed the previous 2 weeks. Dave’s clock was taken along and has now been repaired. It is still under clamps until the glue sets hard and will be finished on Thursday. While at the Shed I did manage to get a bit more done to my project of a kiddies toy castle.

Arriving home I found that Dot had our evening meal of wild paradise duck all prepared.  The Caretaker had spent the weekend out hunting with the start of the Duck Shooting Season.  We were incredibly lucky to receive two duck breasts each to try.  Dot had soaked them overnight in water that was replaced several times before marinating them today in mayonnaise.  The breasts were cut almost in half through the middle and stuffed with precooked onions and mushrooms, then wrapped in bacon and cooked in the oven for 45 minutes.

What did we think with our first sample of wild duck.  Disappointed to say the least, quite tough, although I ate mine Dot gave hers a miss. Checking our friend Mr Google it appears that duck is best eaten medium rare.  Oh dear.

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