Sunday, 12 May 2013

Red sky at night!

Catching up on missed sleep was high on the priority this week and relaxing a little in the garden. As well as catching up with the guys at the Menzshed some time has been spent helping a friend with a Garage sale.

IMG_8587Hopefully this means another beautiful autumn day tomorrow.

This was quite successful but there is still plenty more to dispose of yet. I relieved him of an old bicycle which has now been put back into service with 2 new tyres and tubes and an old kitchen bench which is now installed in our garage for extra storage and an indoor work bench ( for those days when it’s too cold outside to do anything else).

IMG_8586Taken from upstairs over the rooftops.

The bicycle has had a few test runs and I have discovered that I can still ride even after years of having never been near a bike.

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