Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Snow’s forecast again! Time to go

IMG_8647Central Plateau with good covering of snow on Mt Ngauruhoe.

We keep getting these snow warnings but we seem to avoid the white fluffy stuff. Even 2 recent visits to Tongariro have not made any difference. We arrived and departed either before or after it’s forecasted arrival missing it every time.

Menz Shed projectSome lucky boys birthday present made by yours truly at the Menz Shed.Worm FarmThis one will probably stump you, any ideas?

Back in Levin we are as busy as ever, I with the Menz Shed and helping out on our friends farm. Dot’s time spent reading or catching up with some overdue sewing.


Unknown said...

Looks like the start of a new Beehive? How are you two?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Graham and Jill

We are both fine thanks. Sorry you are wrong, that is the completed article. Not sure if you can get these in the UK. We will give the answer shortly.